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 The strongest welds start with a solid partner!

Are you tired of poor quality welding? Are your welder’s questionable processing, and shortcuts costing you time and dollars? We tolerated this for too long, why should you? Sfp invested over $200,000 in all new welding equipment and brought in the most experienced forging die welders. This makes us the largest captive die sinking facility in the United States, hands down! It’s also made us one of the most popular weld facilities, as over 80% of our customers do business with us year after year!

Stellar Forge Welding
•  Quick repairs 24/7 eliminates lost production time
•  Cost savings, & improved lead times, when choosing weld vs new die steel
•  Extending die life
•  Welding integrity that outlasts parent material, without destroying the tools
•  Machine times minimal with weld vs new steel
•  Peace of mind, Sfp brings the die sinker mentality merged with expertise of an unquestioned forging die welder
•  Electric furnance 48x48x72, Max Operating Temp 1300 Degrees, Max Load 12K
•  Manipulators, Positioner, (3) 635 Miller Welders, XF5100 Rig, wire feeders, rotary table,(8) Pre/Post Burners, and rigs
•  Miller Syncrowave 250 Tig and Arc
•  Scarf/welding Booth, Torit system
•  Custom Fire Brick Ovens for pre/post heat,and stress relieve, exceeds 70K
•  Compressor Kaeser SK26, 20H
•  Miller Water Cooler
•  Welding Gas Distribution System
•  MIG Welding

•  Scarfing, crack repairs

•  Pre/Post Heat, stress relieve
•  Flood Welding, Layer Welding
•  Shank and Dowel Repairs
•  Implement Eng Changes
•  Hard-face Welding
•  Open Frame Dies, forging billet
•  Engine parts, High Production Automotive
•  Rotary Forge, Screw Press Dies, & all related tools  
•  Mech Press Trim Operations
•  Inconel, Waspaloy
•  Ring Mills, axial cones, mandrels, rolls