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We always factor in the most critical needs… yours.
Stellar Forge will earn your trust as the best resource for forging dies and forge tooling, as we take the time to get to know your needs, and deliver top-quality work designed specifically to meet those needs.
Stellar Forge has a full staff of cnc machinists and on-the-floor CAM programmers, using the latest cnc equipment and CAM programming software. Our cnc lathe hands deliver quick turnaround on your required finishes and offer total projects from models to programming.
Aesthetics are vital to us, and we do not allow any out-of-tolerance conditions prior to shipment. Bottom line,
Stellar Forge is willing to do what it takes to deliver tooling on time. We treat every job as if it were our last. Going strong for over 24 years now, a long list of satisfied customers begs to differ.


Just a few more advantages STELLAR FORGE has over other machining service companies:
• Hydraulic Press, Mech Press
• Hammer Forging
• Upsetters, Rotary Forge
• Boring mills, Deep hole drilling
• Weight limitations beyond 75,000 pounds
• Vertical/horizontal cnc machining
• Polishing to full cast L/O insp.
• CMM faro arm & Laser Inspections

Trust STELLAR FORGE for all your machining and turning needs

• Open frame, closed die
• Hammer and Press
• Trim , calibration tooling
• Fin, Blk, Edger, Roller
• Reducer rolls
• Hot and Cold form tooling
• CNC Lathe & VTL 70" diam swing & 218" LG & beyond
• Impellar parts, new & repairs
• Rough machine forgings
• Upsetter holders, grippers, inserts
• Iso thermal press parts
• Inco, Waspaloy, astroloy, TZM, all exotics