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STELLAR FORGE is the only CATIA software driven service facility in the US!
STELLAR FORGE is the only CATIA V5 software driven forging service facility in the United States and Stellar Forge supports the latest in CATIA V5 100%!  There are several advantages we can offer your engineering and design departments:
   Gives you latitude to focus on in house improvements
   Reduced staff costs by eliminating staffing of inexperienced help
   Improved lead time on preliminary design to forge production, and first piece inspection
   Assist growing companies with a lack of infrastructure, & experienced personel
3D Forge Design
  -3D model of fin parts, Envelope of fin parts
  -Parametric inclusion of any engin changes to existing solid model
  -3D model forging parts and all related tools
  -Convert 2D finished parts to a usable 3D model
Reverse Engineering
  -Produce blueprints or CAD models with non-contact scanning/inspection of existing forging parts, where data has been lost or is obsolete
  -Digitizing to build usable 3D models